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2018                            Consortium Member, Jennifer Jolley, Think About It, ASPIRE the Advancement of Secondary and Primary

                                                      Instrumental Repertoire Excellence   

2013                            Consortium Member, Michael Colgrass, Phantom Moon

2012                            Consortium Member, Martin Ellerby, Bells Across the Atlantic for Wind Ensemble

                                    Consortium Member, Stephen Bryant, Solace for Wind Ensemble and Electronics

2011                             Consortium Member, Martin Ellerby, A Soliloquy for Solferino

2009                           Consortium Member, Jim Booney, Diabolus Ex Machina

2006                           Consortium Member, Andrew Rindfleisch, Mr. Atlas for Concert Band

2004                           Consortium Member, Dana Wilson, To Set the Darkness Echoing

2003                           Commission, Ralph Vaughn Williams/ David S. Winkler transcriber,

                                                      Prelude: 49th Parallel

2002                           Consortium Member, Richard Saucedo, Rendezvous with the Other Side




2014                            Michael Colgrass, Pulitzer Prize Winner

2013                            Steven Bryant , three-time NBA Revelli Award Composition Winner

                                                      Wings that Work, Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Wind Ensemble

                                                      Bloom, Concert Band

                                                      The Machine Awakes, Concert Band

                                                      Anthem, Wind Orchestra

2010                            Scott McAllister

                                                      Popcopy, Wind Ensemble

                                                      ZING!, Concert Band

2008                           David Gillingham, Galactic Empires, Symphonic Band

                                    Daniel Montoya, Jr., Winter’s First Whisper, Wind Ensemble

2007                           John Mackey, Redline Tango, Wind Ensemble

2006                           Jonathan Newman, Avenue X, Symphonic Band

                                    Charles Rochester Young, Tempered Steel and A Child’s Embrace, Wind Ensemble

2004                          Richard Saucedo

                                                      Windsprints, Wind Ensemble

                                                       Mahler’s Symphony No.3 Finale, Symphonic Band

                                                      Spirit of the Falcon, Concert Band


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